The emotional void in your life – a judgeyface apology

Team Romance

After another incredible week of unbelievable twists and turns in the Bachelor Mansion last week, you must have been reeling.  You would have been feeling bewildered, looking for emotional support and guidance, and yet where that emotional support should have been, you were feeling nothing but an empty void. 

Like Alex, you must have been confused, upset, emotional, and confused again.  Because you didn’t receive a judgeyface post after Thursday’s episode. But why? WHYYYYYYYYYYY?

I don’t know what happened. We watched it. You thought it. I wrote it. But the system didn’t send it.

I can only apologise, and ask that you forgive me, like Alex must now forgive her fiancee Richie for kissing other girls.  And I must ask you to read the blog on the website:

I’ll be back with more on Wednesday night.

Yours in love,


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