“lots of filler kicking around”

22 girls in their best-est frocks,
High heels, make-up, and perfect locks,
But too much champagne,
And not enough shame,
And they’re on TV behaving like cocks.

(this’ll never be as good as Gogglebox)

Way too early prediction: He’s going to fall for the hottest one. It’s mildly disappointing to already know that Lisa is going to win, but it’s true. The only thing that could prevent it is Matty realising he’s way out of his depth. Like Richie did with Olena.

Top 3 quotes from Housemate A:

“No wonder she wanted to do the helium, she’s got a man’s voice”.

“Where are all the ethnics?”

“What is wrong with him? He’s totally hot and nice – maybe he’s got rampant herpes?”



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