“He thinks I’m catering”

Matty wanted to score-a,

he was randy as a goat.

So he picked the yank Elora.

she clearly floats his boat.


The other girls deplore her,

They fucking hate her guts

they think she is a whore – a

Scheming dirty slut.


He wanted to stick it to her,

she told him that he can.

So they went to bed together,

and he found out she’s a man.


He said he didn’t do it,

Claimed he’d too much class.

But he snuck back in there later,

and she fucked him in the arse.


Housemate A:

“He just wants to slip her the tongue, to see if it’s real”

” ‘hold the bus’. Is that an expression? ”

“Ooh spaniel’s ears”

” I don’t think there’s a lot going on there with that one…Upstairs I mean ”

“that’s the worst kind of rejection: on a date yesterday, ejected tonight”

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