The Stallion Club

It’s hometown visit night, a chance to meet the families and usually a total freakshow – a real highlight if previous seasons are to go by. I still remember fondly the brother with the eyebrows who instantly saw through Richie’s pathetic shit. He was the best thing that happened in that series. I wonder if … More The Stallion Club

“I’ve had two standing ovations from popping and locking”

Having spent a week away from normal Bachie life, I realise I let you down, my devoted audience. Not that any of you called, or wrote to complain, or wondered whether I had been abducted by aliens. Nothing from you. Did you even notice? Anyway, I’m sorry, my people. I apologise for the gaping void … More “I’ve had two standing ovations from popping and locking”

“I go simpler, and more meaningful”

Tonight Courtney kills them with kindness.  It’s all about Courtney and his special envelope for winning the First Impression rose. Will his unique take on the dates provide any more interesting TV that the guff we’ve been served so far? Will there be more Butterflies? Connections? Poetry? Douchebags? Courtney’s really thought long and hard about this. … More “I go simpler, and more meaningful”